What Is The Best TV To Buy?

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What is the best TV to buy?

I can only tell you  my biased opinion based on the number of televisions I get to tune in every day.

My preferences are Samsung and Panasonic.   Why? Because in my opinion they’re the easiest and quickest for me to navigate the menu and to tune in specific stations.

Let me explain………  Often in the areas I work around Northern NSW and South East Qld there are several choices of direction to point the antenna because there are choices of transmitter sites.   Each transmitter  usually has a different set of channel frequencies.  It can be important to tune into just those particular frequencies and not auto tune to pick up all channels found.  The reason for that is that if the TV auto tunes it may lock in the weaker channels into the main channel spots creating confusion or worse that you think I didn’t fix your problem. Fixed yes but the best channels may now be found from channel 350 up.

Some of the new ‘smart’ TV’s dont give a manual tune option then it takes more time to tune because I need to manipulate the tuning sometimes by trial and error.

I have found the newer Sony’s to be SO SLOWWWWWWWW in tuning which for me and my customers mean more money being paid whilst we wait for the stations to tune automatically and one of the hardest to navigate menu’s.

Note: As at the time of writing…August 2016… I have not found a ‘Smart TV’ which is easy to navigate around the menu’s and are counter intuitive.  Perhaps one day Apple may get involved and then simplify the ease of use?


Also another downside to ‘smart TV’s’ are their ability to listen in and spy to send back to the manufacturers anything from conversations to switching on built in cameras….see “Smart TV’s…a spy in your home?’

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