Wall Mounted Tv heights

Is there a hard and fast rule for the mounting height of a TV?

That’s a good question and my answer is no. There are so many factors involved in determining the mounting height of your tv such as room size? Will you be sitting on a couch or watching the TV from bed?

For a lounge room a good rule of thumb is the centre of the screen to your seated head height.

This often means you don’t need to wall mount it as a normal table top stand is fine but if you like the effect of the screen hanging on a wall like a painting then go for it. You just need to make sure that the wall has a cavity that cables can run in behind the TV.

When wanting a swivel mount or one on an arm that extends out from the wall you will need a good quality and strong mount and the wall itself have the ability to support the weight given the leverage involved.

Check your mount has the ability to adjust left/right tilt as it there maybe some adjustment needed to level the screen given components in the mount may not be engineered to exact tolerances and the same goes to the mounting to the solid wall surface.

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