VAST Satellite Free To Air TV Service

If you have not been able to get decent digital TV reception because you are living in a black spot area you now have the opportunity to receive reliable digital TV via Satellite with no ongoing costs.  It is called VAST satellite free to air TV service.

What Is VAST?

VAST satellite service is as it says a means by which you cn receive your digital TV services.  VAST commercial TV services are not available to everyone.  You must qualify.

David and Susan of Iwire Antennas standing side by side next to a VAST satellite dish Installing and servicing these areas - Kingscliff - tweed heads south - tweed heads west - piggabeen - carool - cobaki lakes - burringbar - terranora - stokers siding - murwillumbah - mullumbimby - main arm - the pocket - crabbes creek - yelgun

If you cannot receive normal terrestrial digital Television signals then VAST iis available to you.  Also if you are a traveller then you have an option for a travelers certificate. Travellers, caravaners, campervan travellers may also apply for VAST.

Iwire can install a special decoder box that hooks up to a satellite dish. You can then get Australian wide ABC and SBS sometimes within minutes and your black spot experience will be a thing of the past. The commercial channels may also be available depending on just much of a black spot area you are in and just how poor your normal TV reception is. This is called the VAST system.

VAST - Installation - Repairs - Iwire - Tweed Heads - tweed heads west - tweed heads south - Koala Beach Pottsville - Crabbes Creek - Stokers Siding - Burringbar - 2485 - 2486 - Cabarita Beach - Bogangar - Casuarina - Banora Point - Pottsville - Terranora

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If you are traveling or intend to travel within Australia such as by caravan etc, you can get a six month temporary travelers certificate for ALL digital Satellite stations.

VAST is the free to air satellite service Iwire antennas can help you with. As long as your home has a clear unimpeded view to The North from about 45 degrees from the horizon then the black spot problem is a thing of the past.

STOP PRESS.   If you had a VAST service installed in the last couple of years by Skybridge as part of the Governments switch over to digital scheme and your installation is now out of warranty and you are trying to get your system fixed, please note that we can service your system for you independently of Skybridge or any other installation company.

Want to know more about the VAST service?

I come to you – servicing the North Coast and SEQ

Iwire antennas can supply, install and repair your VAST Satellite system anywhere from the Byron Bay hinterland to the Tweed Heads Shire region and into South East Queensland also.

Aaltech UEC - DSD4121 - decoder- Iwire Antennas - VAST - service - Installations - Repairs - Tweed Heads - Koala Beach - Pottsville - 2485 - 2486

If you have had Satellite TV or Satellite pay TV before then you may still have the Dish on the roof. Sometimes this alone is a sign you live in a black spot area. If the dish is in good condition then you may not need much else other than a cable and the box.

If you are still viewing Foxtel Pay TV and you live in a black spot area, it’s possible to connect the new sat TV to the existing dish on the roof as well. You can refer to Foxtel to check if you are legally entitled to do so. You may have to get permission though. If the dish is still on your roof and you no longer use Foxtels services then as far as I know you may do as you please with it.

NOTE: Please make your own inquiry’s as to the legalities and do not rely on the information I am telling you because I am not a lawyer.

If you have any questions about your black spot options or set up please see our ‘contact us page‘ and email us your question.

Black Spot Reception Byron Bay – Reception Problems Byron Bay

We Can Supply And Install A VAST Satellite Free To Air TV Service To Suburbs Such As These:

  • Piggabeen
  • Tweed Heads
  • Tweed Heads West
  • Cobaki Lakes
  • Tweed Heads South
  • Pottsville
  • Burringbar
  • Stokers Siding
  • Yelgun
  • Crabbes Creek
  • Wooyung
  • Seabreeze Estate
  • Koala Beach estate
  • Hastings Point
  • Cabarita Beach
  • Bogangar
  • Casuarina
  • Salt-Kingscliff
  • Kingscliff
  • Banora Point
  • Terranora
  • Tumbulgum
  • Murwillumbah
  • Bilambil Heights
  • Uki
  • Cudgen
  • Chinderah
  • Cobaki
  • Round Mountain
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