TV Antennas & VAST Satellite for Travellers

Or are you planning to do so?

What do you need in the way of Television antennas and parts to get good TV reception where ever you go?

If you want to get reliable TV reception where ever you go there are a couple of choices.

1/ Free to air terrestrial

2/ Free to air Satellite via VAST

UHF Log Periodic TV Antenna

You may not always be close enough or in the best terrain to be able to receive free to air terrestrial TV signals. For those times VAST satellite services are what you need. If you are usually in or near a populated regional centre then chances are you will always be close enough for standard TV reception.

VAST Satellite Service

If you wanted to save money all you need do is take VAST satellite with you and not worry about the normal free to air terrestrial.If you wanted both then I also recommend a good quality high gain domestic style TV antenna and good quality digital masthead amplifier.

I see so many travelers with TV antennas made specifically for caravans and RV’s that just cannot perform anywhere near as good as a high gain domestic antenna.

Just think logically for a moment. Take a look at a domestic antenna and then at a caravan antenna.  The domestic antenna has more parts and its made to be like a magnifying glass to the Television signals whereas the caravan style antennas are not much more than a wire coat hanger with a low gain/quality amplifier bolted on.  BUT the caravan antennas look better  and they are faster to set up but compared to a good domestic TV antenna they are quite poor in their ability to pull in a decent enough signal if the area has low TV signals.

Good Quality Digital Masthead Amplifier for caravans and RV’s
Simple VAST satellite signal finder for caravans and RV’s

VAST Satellite receivers are now also built into televisions. Having VAST Satellite built into the TV means for a caravan or campervan that there are less wires and boxes to consider. All you need is the cable for the antenna and the cable for the VAST satellite dish connected for reception. No other set top boxes are required.
Iwire Antennas sell two sizes of LCD flat screen TV’s with built in VAST services. They are 22″ and 32″ High Definition. If you would like to know the price of these please use the contact form.

22″ VAST satellite LCD HDTV

If you are considering the purchasing of a VAST satellite system for your caravan, campervan or RV call me today or use the contact form. If you are within the areas I service I can come to you and do the initial set up and train you how to use it or i can post the parts to you. POA.

When I am Traveling how do I know where to point the satellite DIsh or the Television antenna?

There are a few different ways to locate the television transmitter or satellite.

The first is to purchase a good hand held digital signal finder for TV signals and one for satellite signals. These are usually separate devices. See the photo of the VAST satellite signal finder above.

Another way or a way to help in tandom with the signal finders is to get a hold of an ap such as “Antenna Mate” and “Wiki Camps”. These aps have the ability to point you towards the transmitter and VAST satellite and then use the signal finders to hone in more accurately.

Please feel free to ask me questions or post a new question in our forums so others may also gain from your inquiry.

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