Tv Booster Amplifier

Do you need a TV Booster Amplifier?This is something I can help you with. I can test to see if a TV Booster is really what you need. Call me now to help you get the tv booster amplifier you need whether your live  in Byron Bay or Tweed Heads.

Tv Booster Amplifer Kingray with seperate power supply
Tv Booster Amplifer Kingray with seperate power supply

I use top quality TV Boosters from Kingray. These come with a three year manufacturers warranty and are trustworthy and reliable. There are various types of tv booster amplifier that one can use but the right one to use is something only an experienced antenna technician like me knows. If you live near Lennox Head or Kingsclif I can help.

People often confuse a TV Booster amplifier with a power supply. You see a power supply and TV Booster amplifier in the image below.  This is what is used to get the right voltage to the masthead amplifier on the mast of the antenna. Once the masthead amplifier or TV Booster gets the voltage it can now amplify the signals.   They usually have an adjustment so increase or decrease the amplification or boost.   This is something i can help you with. I am often in areas like Ocean Shores and Pottsville in the Northern Rivers so can travel whereever you are.

I get so many people assuming they need a TV Booster Amplifier to help with their tv picture. But a TV Booster Amplifier which is also known as a signal amplifier or masthead amplifer, in some cases can help but in other cases the TV Booster Amplifier can make things worse.
There are times where I have removed the TV Booster amplifier because of far too much signal. If the signal is too high not only can this result in pixelation but it can actually damage the Tv’s receiver.

You see a tv booster amplifier not only boosts the tv signal, it also boasts whatever other signal is within its boost range. This can include noise or interference. By boosting the interference it can cause pixelation.

Here is a little more information about Tv Booster Amplifer subject.

If you live an area that generally has a high signal like Salt in Kingscliff or Casuarina NSW near Cabarita Beach its possible you dont need a Tv Booster Amplifier.
So, before making a decision to install a tv booster apmlifier its best call me or email me to check to see what you really need.