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TV Antenna Byron Bay. Iwire antennas for Expert and FAST service, to install or replace your old aerial or install a new antena. For the right TV Antenna Byron Bay service and for the absolute best television reception possible for your home be it digital tv or Satellite.
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If you are experiencing problems with your tv antenna, these issues and troubles can be the cause for your TV picture to pixilate. It is possible though that there other reasons for the poor picture. By calling Iwre antennas you will be advised how to fix the issues at hand.

Iwire carries various varieties of tv antennas for the Byron Bay region. With 16 years of local experience Iwire knows which of the television aerial is best for you to get you the best and clearest picture.

In September 2012 the Byron Bay region was switched over completely to digital and so the tv antennas or antenna you have may not be suitable anymore but it the reason for the picture break up could be because of something else.


Does height make a difference to your tv signal? Yes and No. Sometimes it can and sometimes it makes it worse. When we connect the signal meter to your aerial we can see the results and sometimes those results may mean that in one position three of the five commercial stations are good but two may be poor. So we try to find the best position where they all come in well enough to provide a stable picture most of the time. Generally the more trees or obstruction to signal you have around your house the harder it is to find that sweet spot for the signal.

At Iwire antennas,we will find the best TV Antenna Byron Bay for your home.

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