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Do you live in Banora Point?  Or are you looking to move in and find someone reliable with great reviews who carries out TV Antenna services in Banora Point? Iwire Antennas located at Kingscliff just down the road from Banora point within the Tweed Heads Shire can help you. We are local experts to help you get the very best TV reception from your antenna in Banora Point.

Call Iwire Antennas, David Levine on 0402 022 111 now. David Levine of Iwire has almost two decades of experience in Banora point and Tweed Heads.

Do you want a FAST and efficient friendly service? David of Iwire Antennas provides the best advice and results.  David can get your TV reception working again without fuss.  Whether you are in a brand new home or one you’ve lived in for many years.

David of Iwire Antennas has been carrying out TV Antenna repairs and service in Banora Point of the Tweed Heads regional area since 2000 and is your local expert in Banora Point.

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Your Local Expert Since 2000

Having been a Licenced electrician since early 2000’s David Levine has been specialising in TV antenna aerial reception repairs in Banora Point of Tweed Heads Shire since 2000 and Digital TV reception, antennas since introduced into the Australia

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • NO Fix No Pay*
  • 3 year Warranty on many Major parts
  • 2 year Service Warranty

Do it once, do it properly. David Levine of Iwire Antennas is your expert to install new Digital Television Aerial Antenna which means you get the best and clearest TV reception possible in Banora Point of Tweed Heads.

Which Antenna Aerial Is Best?

David carries several different Digital TV Antenna onboard to find the best one for your home in Banora Point. We have found different antennas perform differently within Banora Point.  In Banora Point it is not a matter of one type of Antenna will suit all streets. It is a case of choosing the antenna that best suits where you are. Even next door could have totally different aerial needs.

Landscape Can Change and Effect

Trees, new homes, Sheds and factories can be built or massive trees grown out of your eyesight on a hill between you and the transmitter whereas next door may not have that obstruction.   By having several different antennas on board gives better opportunity to get you the best TV Reception possible.

Iwire Antennas Is Your Master Antenna Installer

Often when Iwire get’s called to service and improve someone’s TV Reception we can tell if the original job was installed by an Electrician or a qualified Television Antenna Installer. TV Antenna installers know the best parts and right ways to do things as it is what we do all day every day compared to your average household electrician or handyman who rarely has anything to do with TV antennas.

You could try fix the problem yourself… although we do get called often to fix the problem which has been made worse.

Iwire offers you some FREE self help information here.

Black Spot TV Areas

If you live in a TV Reception Black Spot Area of Banora Point in Tweed Heads Iwire Antennas can service, supply and install VAST Satellite services also.

There are times when even the best TV Antenna will not provide enough TV Signal to give you stable and excellent TV picture. In these situations Iwire Antennas can help by installing a VAST Free to Air Satellite Dish on your roof.


VAST Satellite can give you all ABC and SBS transmissions throughout Australia and also commercial channels if you gain approval.   So apply for VAST registration fill out the form and send away.

Once approval is given then it is time to install your VAST system.

*Conditions Apply

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Iwire Antennas for the Best TV Antenna and Aerial Installations and Service in Banora Point

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