Tips n Tricks That Coud Save You a TV Antenna Service Call

Here are six tips that just may save you a service visit.

1.New TV Leadstv leads

The first thing to check that may help you restore your television to perfect picture quality is the most basic one.

If you have an old TV Antenna Connecting cable it is time to replace it with a top quality one.   Perhaps the cable you have is new and you got it from the local $2 shop?… Perhaps you only bought one a month ago? … Doesn’t matter go and get one you know is a good quality low loss one.   Then see if it helps.
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2. Try Swapping TV’s


lcd tv

The second thing you can check that may help fix your TV reception problem is if you have more than one TV. Is one working fine but the other not?

Just try swapping the TV’s.  See if the problem remains at the same place or if it followed the TV to the other room. Do not move the TV leads. Just use the same leads in the same rooms.

If the problem has now moved to the room where it was previously working a few things could now be the possible problem, a couple of which are;

A/ The TV may be faulty or have a poorer quality digital receiver within it.

B/ The signal may be very low, close to cutting out on one or more channels but

the TV in the room where it was working may be of a better quality in its receiver electronics and therefore coping with the poor signal and seemingly working fine.

If you have tried that and still no luck or you feel it’s not your thing then ask us to come work it out for you.

3. Have You Just Moved In?

power supplyHave you just moved in or has the TV reception been poor or non-existent since you moved in?   It could be because there is a signal masthead amplifier installed and it needs power. Usually a power supply is needed. A power supply is like a battery pack. It gives the masthead amplifier the voltage to work.



Have a look at your antenna.   Can you see a little box usually mounted on the mast or pole under the antenna/s with coaxial cables going in and out of the box?

kingray masthead amplifier

If you can see one then it is most likely it is a masthead amplifier….not always but mostly.

You will need to obtain the correct power supply to match your masthead amplifier.   Without looking at it myself I can only advise the best one to try is a 14VDC one.   But if your system will work with an AC power supply then in my opinion it is best to use a 17.5V AC one. The reason is I often see connection issues due to corrosion. It seems to be worse when using a DC power supply. Especially bad the closer to the sea you live.
Click Here to Make Your Booking TodayBy the way, you only ever need one power supply to work your Television Masthead amplifier.   Sometimes I go to houses that have several plugged in.  The owner assumes that these are actually ‘boosters’. So to get the best signal one is needed per TV. No, this is NOT the case, you only need one.

Once you have your power supply you will need to plug it into the correct TV outlet. What I mean by correct is this… If you have more than one TV outlet, only one of those outlets are usually the one to use.  It will allow the power supply to pass voltage up to the Masthead Amplifier.

Plugging the power supply is installed into the correct TV outlet should get your system working. This is of course as long as all other things in the system are working.

If all this is sounding too difficult just book in for a service with us.


4. Have You Auto Tuned Your Television?

Have you tried Auto Tuning your TV? You have? Then maybe that is your problem?

Let me explain……..Perhaps there are more than one transmitter location in your region which your Television is tuning. The problem is that only one of these transmitters may be the one that your TV actually needs to be tuned into?auto tuning (1)

In the Northern Rivers of NSW there are several transmitters and in SEQ also.

It is important to know which transmitter is the one your TV Antenna is pointed to and tune in for those channels only. It’s a bit more complicated if you have more than one TV antenna so you may choose to book a service call.

If that is too hard you could try this, which can work on most popular TV’s.

If you have Auto Tuned your TV try looking for channels from channel 350.  How do you find channel 350 and above?   Well press the buttons on your remote control… 3 5 0 then if successful press the channel UP button to see how many extra channels you have there or if you have a ‘guide’ button on your remote press that and scroll to see all the channels you have.

If you find TV Channels working from there and above it could mean more than one transmitter is being received. You may find good clear versions of the channels you want to watch there.   If so you can just use these channels or work out how to edit your channel list or book for a service visit to have your TV just tuned to the best channels your TV can pick up.
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5. Plug All Cables and Accessories Back In

Often I get calls from people who’ve lost their digital TV reception after a storm.   It is a good idea to unplug your cables from the wall outlets before a storm especially if it is lightning storm.   If you do unplug your cables just make sure you plug ALL of the cables and accessories back in as they were.

When I ask customers over the phone if they plugged everything back in and they answer YES I reiterate the question and advise them that if they’ve forgotten to plug in everything then that may be the reason for their Television reception to have stopped. Only after again they answer that they’ve checked and made sure all are plugged in will I book in a service call to visit them.

It’s uncomfortable for both the customer and I when I arrive and within one minute find the power supply which some call booster has not been plugged in again or is switched off and all I do is plug it in or switch it on and then render my bill for a full call out.   So please…go check again and save us both the embarrassment.


6. Try this quick Fix If Your Your VAST Service Has Stopped


At some stage when you go to watch your VAST TV service you may find that the stations are missing or an error message.

One of the reasons for this could be that your VAST box was switched off or disconnected at a point in time that the satellite was trying to download information to your set.

22″ VAST satellite LCD HDTV

Sometimes that may include security information that the powers to be use to help stop or prevent pirating of their transmission.

A way that can take seconds to re-establish your VAST satellite service is to log onto the mysatv website or click this link that will take you to the right place, then type in your smart card number and click the ‘rehit’ button.

Usually within seconds your channels will start coming through again.

If your channels don’t then it may mean you have another issue.

7. Trouble Threading Cables Behind Your TV?

Try this to make life easier.

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