Time To Upgrade Your TV Antenna?

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You’ve just purchased a brand new 50″ LED Smart TV and want the best picture for your television viewing yet you have an outdated television antenna and expect terrific results?

Time to upgrade and replace your old TV antenna.

Using an old antenna and old TV Signal booster masthead amplifier is like putting a 1960’s engine into a 2016 car and expecting the car to meet todays expectations of fuel economy and performance.

Todays antenna design has been designed to give best results for todays TV’s and are specific to the region you live.

Also, todays masthead booster amplifiers are designed for digital signals and also to help block other unwanted signals floating around in the environment.  If your booster amplifier is not current then you may not be getting the best picture quality you can.

Kingray Masthead Booster Amplifier with Separate Power Supply
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