Smart TV’s…..a spy in your home?

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Smart TV’s….perhaps they’re too smart?

Have you got one?

Do you recall when you first set it up there was at least one page where you had to ‘agree’ to the terms and conditions of use?

Did you read through the conditions?

Now you’re wondering just what you agreed to.

I recently read an article where one of the name brand manufacturers were being sued for what amounts to an invasion of privacy.  However it had a twist to it.   The twist was about breach of privacy of minors.   My guess is because when you ‘agreed’ to the terms and conditions you did so as an adult and no child can make such an agreement and children obviously have access to the TV.
The way I understand it is that your smart TV can record what is going on in your living room.   To what extent I am unsure.   When you connect the TV to the internet then it opens up the opportunity to share to its manufacturer whatever you agreed to.

This may include listening in to conversations…. switching the internal camera or more.

It would be interesting if you could track the amount of data your TV will use even when you are not streaming a movie or TV show.

So perhaps switch off your smart TV at the power point so you can be at least know it’s not eves- dropping when it is not in use.

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