Iwire can help you set up your business or home for phone sockets and data sockets.

If you ask questions like; fix my phone line, i need another phone plug, my phone is crackly, my phone is noisy, i want a plug for my computer, i want another phone plug, can you fix my phone line. If you ask any of these questions then give us a call to discuss your options.

Today if you have more than one computer at home or at work it is best to have them networked or at the very least cabled so they can both connect to the internet. Today there are many good wireless systems that let one move around without having cables to connect however, the speed of data transfer is higher when connected via a cable and also when connected via cables you can avoid having more radio waves bouncing around within your home or work environment.

If you have an existing computer data network iwire can help install additional outlets.

Are you buying or building a new home office or factory? Iwire can help set up the cables in a structured way. Sometimes called structured cabling, data cables are installed which can then be used for either voice (phone) or data (computer use). Planning is essential for best result.

Even if it is just one extra phone socket that you need or two computers to hook up to the internet, iwire can help you.