Old TV Cables Vs New Digital Ready Coaxial Cables

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Coaxial cables of thirty years ago were a step up from the old flat ribbon type cable.  They had little in the way of shielding or wrapping of fine wire around and insulator and in the centre a signal conductor.

At the VHF  frequency the old coax was ok and didn’t loose too much signal but today in our region of NNSW/SEQ our transmission is UHF which is about 400Mhz above the VHF transmission and as such the old coax loses considerable signal and also can allow significant interference to be induced within the cable.


Todays cable which I install is a quad (four) level shielded coaxial cable.  This reduces the signal losses and reduces induced interferences also for UHF transmission.

Even though you may have old coax, it doesn’t mean it needs replacing.   If you have major issues with your TV reception I start with making sure you have the best antenna for where you live and the best Masthead amplifier then if problems still persist it may come down to rewiring and replacing old connections and  splitters with digital ready quality devices.

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