Maybe You’ve Switched Your Booster Off?

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I was called twice today to help people fix their TV reception problem which was nothing more than the power supply being either unplugged or switched off.


The power supply I am talking about is the one needed for your booster.

Let me explain…… if your antenna system has a signal amplifier or a masthead amplifier (booster) they generally need power to operate.

If you look at your antenna you may see a little box usually mounted to the antenna mast under the antenna.

This box usually is a masthead amplifier.  It could be another device also but usually it is a masthead amplifier.

For the amplifier to work it needs power of some sort.  Instead of it having batteries inside it which would mean calling us when the batteries went flat there is a plug pack style power supply used.

The power supply is usually installed (plugged in) at the main TV socket in the house….but not always.  And will only usually get the masthead amplifier working when plugged into the correct TV socket and not all sockets.


As said, the  two jobs I had been called to i simply located the power supply and switched it on.


So please check yours before calling for help…it could save you a service call charge.

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