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Are you experiencing signal loss or a breaking up of your picture?  David Levine of Iwire Antennas can help you either with Kingscliff Aerial Installations or repairs. With a vast knowledge developed from 2000 servicing the Kingscliff and Tweed Heads area David is an expert with aerial installations and service.


For expert and Fast Kingscliff Aerial Installations call David Levine of Iwire Antennas today.

David is a Kingscliff resident and has been servicing the area and is well know to carry out Kingscliff aerial installations, repairs and service.

You may be moving into a brand new house that has already been wired for television outlets but has no antenna or you maybe in an existing home who’s aerial has fallen apart. Either way Iwire can help. Iwire carries out not only Kingscliff Aerial Installations but fault finding to improve tv reception also.

Kingscliff Digital TV Antenna Repairs Installations and Service Television Reception Improved 2.5
For your piece of mind:
  • No Fix No Pay*
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • 3 year Warranty on most Major parts
  • 2 year Service Warranty

Kingscliff has varied geography from the beach to the water reservoir hill to areas right next to the highway.  All these areas can have different signals reaching them from both NSW transmission and also from Queensland.

In about half the areas of Kingscliff it is possible to get both NSW television and or Queensland television.  Ask David to advise you about it when you call or make a booking.

What works best for a Kingscliff aerial installation can vary as a result of attempting to get both NSW and Qld TV. Sometimes one antenna will perform best for both Qld and NSW or sometimes you will need two aerials.

It is David of Iwires own business and job to carry out the best Kingscliff aerial installation. Not only will you enjoy untroubled viewing but also love the job so much you’ll highly recommend David/Iwires services.

David and Susan of Iwire Antennas standing side by side next to a VAST satellite dish Installing and servicing these areas - Kingscliff - tweed heads south - tweed heads west - piggabeen - carool - cobaki lakes - burringbar - terranora - stokers siding - murwillumbah - mullumbimby - main arm - the pocket - crabbes creek - yelgun

Black Spot TV Reception in Kingscliff

Iwire specialises in TV Reception problems even if you live in a TV reception Black Spot area.   Generally speaking Kingscliff is not a black spot  zone but if you are in a TV Reception Black Spot zone, Iwire can offer you a Free To Air Satellite Service called VAST.   There is a one off installation charge for VAST satellite TV installations and no ongoing monthly fees.

Perhaps you already have a satellite dish on your roof? If so, it is possible that that the dish is compatible with your new VAST Satellite Free To Air TV Services which means you won’t need to have another installed.

David Iwire Antennas Television Antennas and Aerial Service and Installations Kingscliff and Tweed Heads, 2485, 2486

Kingscliff aerial installations can vary house to house.  Some may need the aerial mounted at the back of the house and some at the front, some on the right and some on the left.

There are many considerations as to the actual location of your aerial which help dictate the best location or the most preferred.

Generally speaking if your reception comes from behind trees it is best mounting the aerial s far away from the trees as practical.  Also sometimes it is better to raise the antennas height whilst other times it is better to lower your aerial.

*Conditions Apply

Iwire Antennas outside Salt Park Kingscliff for TV or television antenna aerial repair reception issues or replacement and installation service to improve reception in Salt Kingscliff 3
Digital Antenna TV Installations in Kingscliff - 3 Best TV Antenna Installations In Kingscliff
Map Of Kingscliff

Why Does Pixilation Happen and What Can be Done About It?

Whether you live in Tweed Heads, Pottsville, Piggabeen, Currumbin, Tugun, Pottsville, Kingscliff or Banora Point, pixilation is when your tv picture breaks up into little squares and you hear blips and blurps instead of clear sound.  Your television reception is governed by the signal strength and quality of data that your television receives through your digital TV antenna or aerial. So to get you perfect TV reception from your aerial or antenna certain criteria must be met.

Some Causes Of Pixilation

You need a certain minimum signal to carry the data from your aerial to your TV.  If your signal is not high enough then the data to give you a good clear picture cannot make it through.  This can definitely affect your tv reception.

Then there is the data that I just mentioned.  It is the mathematics behind telling your television how to make the picture and sound.  If there is data missing then you will get pixelation as the TV goes from data it can read, past the missing data and back to the data it can read.

Over signal is another cause of pixelation and poor tv reception.  Often I find installations where clearly no signal amplifier is needed but one has been installed.  It could be that someone other than a TV antenna Installer has done the job or the homeowner or a unscrupulous TV antenna man…or some ill-informed or under trained installers like some franchise operators trying to take over the industry.

Has Your TV Antenna Man Got experience Or Someone Who Just Bought Into A Franchise?

Clearly there are now franchise operators in our area who read the marketing of the head franchisor and thought it a good idea to own their own business under the flag of the franchisor. There may be some of those operators who actually know what they are doing but it is more likely they have been trained to work for the head franchisor.  Similarly with some pay tv installers. They’ve been trained to just install and do not know what’s involved with television antennas and how to get great TV reception.

David Levine of Iwire Antennas A Local Owner Operator Specialising in TV Antennas Since 2000

Iwire Antennas is owned and operated by me… David Levine and has been since 2000.  Having  moved to The Pocket near Mullumbimby in 1998 then in 2011 moved into Kingscliff.  I have been carrying out digital television aerial antenna installations repairs and services I started specializing in TV Antenna Aerial reception work in 2000 and since then have focused even more to the Tweed Heads Shire Including Tweed Heads, Pottsville, Piggabeen, Currumbin, Tugun, Pottsville, Kingscliff or Banora Point.

Since specializing in TV antennas in 2000 analog TV has gone by the wayside in Australia and as you know digital TV is here to stay.  Some people complain that they’d prefer to have analog because the new digital causes them pixilation.  Thing is can you imagine how awful your TV picture would be watching a 60” TV on analog? It would be blurry and pretty much out of focus and no surround sound of course.

No Fix No Pay*

Clear and perfect TV reception is something I specialize in and if I cannot get you perfect picture then I do not charge!* conditions apply.

I have some customers ask if I can get them perfect TV reception by installing a new or repairing their antenna. Depending if they live in Including Tweed Heads, Pottsville, Currumbin, Tugun, Pottsville, Piggabeen, Kingscliff or Banora Point can make a difference and where within that area they are.  Perhaps their neighbor has no trees around them but your house is surrounded by lots of them so thick no signals can get through.  The only true way is for you to make a  booking and for me to come out and test your location.

I still Can’t get Good TV Reception

To get the best TV reception when you have a thicket of trees surrounding you or if you are in a low spot or valley or behind a hill in the shadows of your television transmission signals then there is always the VAST free to air satellite service.  VAST is only available to those who genuinely cannot get good digital TV reception.  Throughout the Tweed Shire be it Tweed Heads, Pottsville, Piggabeen, Currumbin, Tugun, Pottsville, Kingscliff or Banora Point.

Want to know about VAST? Just clock on this link to go to the My Sat TV website.

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