It’s not a Booster, it’s a power supply!

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Just to clear something up folks.    A booster in regards to TV signal is a device to boost or amplify the TV signal.

Most of the time this ‘booster’ device we call ‘masthead amplifier’ is usually located on the mast just under the antenna.

kingray masthead amplifier

The reason it is located there is to help boost (amplify) the signal before too much signal has been lost due to losses in cable and connections.  That way the best of the signals are boosted.

If you think in terms of water and water pumps…..  Is it better to boost water pressure close to the tank rather than at the end of the hose.


So what is that thing that plugs into the wall socket of both the TV outlet and the power outlet?   That thing is called a power supply.

For the amplifier or booster to work it needs power, like a battery pack.  Well the power supply is that battery pack.  So without power the booster on the antenna mast will not work.


There are numerous types of power supplies today. it is important to use the correct one for the task.  It is an antenna installer who is best suited to tell you which one is required.   I carry several varieties on board in my van that will suit the task.

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