Have You Problems With VAST Satellite Service?

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At some stage when you go to watch your VAST TV service you may find that the stations are missing or an error message.

One of the reasons for this could be that your VAST box was switched off or disconnected at a point in time that the satellite was trying to download information to your set.

Sometimes that may include security information that the powers to be use to help stop or prevent pirating of their transmission.

A way that can take seconds to re-establish your VAST satellite service is to log onto the mysatv website or click this link or the click the image below and they will take you to the right place, then type in your smart card number and click the ‘rehit’ button.

Usually within seconds your channels will start coming through again. If not then it may mean you have another issue.

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  • mardi H Boers

    We had satellite service but dish got knocked now can,t get it back again …have used finder to no avail

    • david

      Hello Mardi… sorry i only just saw your comments. I only ever get spam comments so don’t even look at this. It is always best to contact me/us direct through our contact form.
      Have you sorted your issue?

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