Fix Your Own Tv Reception

If you are a person who has an ability to fix things for yourself then why not try to fix your own tv reception?

To be able to fix your own tv reception you will need the knowledge and some tools and common sense.

DISCLAIMER:   But be warned, to fix your own tv reception can be potentially very dangerous and as such it is way less riskier and way more safe to call an expert like me.  One false step and you could kill yourself…no joke.

If you have climbed on your roof before then you may have an idea of the risks involved but I am not here to tell you how to safely work on a roof or at height.  I highly recommend you learn first or be with someone who is trained in such  work.

Basically….the risk is on you.

Also, if you have a question you need to ask related to this please do so on my  forum.


So, now that I’ve scared you off… that can’t be true… Youre still reading this.

Here we go……


Secret information how to fix TV reception


((( Soon to be inserted here….watch this space)))))