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Are you unable to get normal free to air digital tv reception in the Federal area of the Byron Shire region? If this is the case you may qualify for a satellite service called VAST. Iwire provides a FAST VAST Satellite Installation Service in and around the Federal area, like Eureka, Goonengerry or Coorabell.

What Is VAST?

VAST satellite service is simply a different way of getting your digital TV service. Not everyone can qualify for a VAST TV service.

VAST is exclusive only to people who cannot receive normal Digital Free To Air TV Services. Travellers, caravaners, campervan travellers may also apply for VAST.

VAST satellite services in Federal

How To Apply for VAST

Before you call us to book in your installation it is a good idea to first apply to VAST for registration. VAST admin then check your home position against a map of where they have determined if where you live should get normal digital free to air TV services or not.

Once you  have checked online, Iwire can assist you to quickly to install your VAST Satellite Service in Federal or nearby usually within a couple of days.

VAST free to air black spot satellite services in Federal

Why Free To Air TV Is Not Really Free and What This Has To Do With VAST?

Free to air TV is not actually free. Someone has to pay the costs to keep a TV station running. It is through sponsorships or advertising fees that they raise revenue. So if advertisers don’t get their ads seen they won’t pay for advertising.

No Ads?

With VAST you will NOT get the normal local ads you would see on your TV through normal Digital TV Transmission. And that is why not everyone is allowed commercial TV through VAST.

Instead of an ad you may get a video of a country town with birds on a river and scenes of the town.  That scene ends once the TV show continues or you may get an ad from the Northern Territory.

Iwire Antennas for your FAST VAST Satellite Installation service in the Federal area and surrounds of the Byron Bay Shire.

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You May Need To Prove Your Request

There’s an uneven mix of great TV reception and Black Spot coverage in and around Federal.  If the registry deem that you should get good normal TV services you will not be granted registration UNLESS you can prove your case. What the VAST admin people cannot see is the amount of trees around your property that can block normal terrestrial digital signals.   Eventually though if you persist  people can get registration.

Travellers will need to fill in a temporary travellers certificate.

We Can Install On The Spot

Iwire carries on board equipment to install or repair your VAST system on the run.

We carry a choice of satellite dishes depending on the level of gain you would like. Larger dishes give a higher gain which are better when there is cloud or storms. As the satellite transmitter is about 15,000 km away, the signal reaching earth is very low and so thick clouds could block signals.

We often install either AALTECH or Sat King satellite digital decoder boxes.

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Call Iwire today for FAST VAST Satellite Installation Service in Federal or make a booking.

Perhaps you already have a VAST service which needs servicing.

Before calling us to book a service you could check out our self help pages in case you can fix the problem yourself. We have also a blog on the subject too you may want to read.

If you have tried to fix your VAST Satellite TV System yourself and still need our help, please call us today on 0402 022 111

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Fast VAST Satellite Installation Service In Federal

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