FAST Digital Antenna Replacement in Bangalow

Are you looking for a FAST Digital Antenna Replacement in Bangalow?

Then call David Levine of Iwire Antennas. David who first moved into The Pocket not far from Bangalow in 1998 has been servicing the Bangalow and Byron Shire since 2000.  As such David has extremely good local knowledge and can get you the very best results for your digital TV viewing.

David of Iwire is your local expert and NOT a franchise company based in the city who also advertise mowing lawns and washing dogs.

You want FAST service from an expert. David is that expert. He is known for his expert efficiency to get the job done FAST.   Take a look at what his customers say.

Iwire Offers a:

  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee*
  • NO Fix No Pay*
  • 3 year Warranty on most major parts
  • 2 year Service Warranty
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If you‘ve been experiencing pixelation/break up of you picture Iwire Antennas will get you up and running with crystal clear picture in no time at all by repairing or replacing your old antenna with the latest in designed digital aerials. So for a FAST Digital Antenna Replacement in Bangalow call Iwire today.

Iwire has been servicing Byron Bay and Bangalow since 2000 and is a local expert. David trained and spent half of his trade life as an electrician but since 2000 has become a TV Reception specialist who can hone in the best signal possible for you.

Digital TV Antenna and reception repairs and service in Bangalow

Leading Edge Digital Antennas

Iwire Antennas is your experienced expert to provide you service install new Digital Television Aerial Antennas to get you the best and clearest TV reception possible in Bangalow.

One brand or type of TV Antenna does not work in all circumstances or places. Antennas we used to use all the time we rarely use today because Antennas today are designed with different characteristics.

David carries several different Digital TV Antennas onboard to find the best one for your home. Call Iwire for FAST Digital Antenna Replacement in Bangalow.

Usually in Bangalow there’s only one option as to which transmission you receive. This is Mt Nardi.  Because of this good signal is not always achievable. But if this is the case we can still help via a VAST service.

Iwire Antennas also carry a range of Masthead amplifiers, booster, signal booster, power supplies, splitters, special TV coaxial cables, roof-top antenna mounts, tiled roof mounts, steel roof mounts, 3m masts, mast extensions, VAST satellite dishes, VAST satellite decoder boxes such as the AALTECH DSD4921RV and other VAST satellite parts and equipment.

TV Reception and Digital Aerial Antenna repairs and service in Bangalow

Try Fix it Yourself 

Perhaps you’d like to have a go fixing your own TV reception? Sure give it a go. I must warn you though it often leads to more faults being found if we are eventually called in which means it can be more costly. However if you choose to have a go then Iwire offers you some FREE self help information here.  But if you call us for FAST Digital Antenna Replacement in Bangalow you’ll avoid all the hassle.

Black Spot TV Reception in Bangalow

Maybe you live in a known TV reception BLACK SPOT? To be honest there’s plenty of TV Black spots around Bangalow. So if you have problems getting normal free to air please read on. If you do live in a TV Reception Black Spot Area of Bangalow or the Hills around Bangalow, Iwire Antennas can offer you a service called VAST Satellite.

There are times when no matter what tricks we try we just cannot get enough signal for good stable TV reception. In these cases Iwire Antennas can help you installing a VAST Satellite Free to Air Satellite Dish on your roof.

If you already have a satellite dish on your roof it may be compatible with your VAST service. If so David will be able to advise you.

You will need to apply for VAST registration of you would like commercial TV stations. VAST Satellite can give you all ABC and SBS transmissions throughout Australia and also commercial channels if you gain approval.   So apply for VAST registration fill out the form and send away.

Once approval is given then it is time to install your VAST system.

*Conditions Apply

Television Reception and Digital Aerial repairs and service in Bangalow
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Fast Digital Antenna Replacement In Bangalow

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