Black Spot TV Reception

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Black spot TV reception is where you cannot get enough TV signals for your normal free to air TV.

The solution in Australia is called VAST. This service comes to your home via satellite dish receiver which is connected to a special satellite decoder box made specifically for the VAST service.

22″ VAST satellite LCD HDTV

Once set up you are able to get commercial TV stations and also all SBS and ABC channels within Australia.

There is a slight catch. That is you must not be able to genuinely get free to air TV signals via the normal terrestrial services.

One applies for the VAST service online nowadays and it’s usually just a formality to get approval.

The image on the left is for a TV with a built in satellite receiver which is very convenient for people who own caravans where space is limited.

Normally VAST decoders are like a set top box.  For more information click here.

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