Bad TV Reception Part 1

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There are so many reasons for bad television reception.

This post is about the basics of UHF signal which is used in the Northern Rivers of NSW and South East Queensland.

UHF or ultra high frequency is pretty much line of sight in its reach.

Imagine the signal as a source of light.   From where you are……can you see the light source?

If you cant see it, it cannot see you.  Well its not quite that bad but hopefully now you get the picture..pardon the pun.

So if you are in a valley or if you are surrounded by thick trees or if there are tall buildings or structures all around your home these will help block the uhf signals getting to you to one degree or another.

People ask if raising the antenna will help?  Sometimes it can and sometimes it makes it worse.  I only know when i try it and check the meter readings.

The good news is for situations where you cannot get normal terrestrial free to air digital in Australia there is a free satellite service called VAST available.  Once you’ve paid for the initial set up the service is free.  Check it out.

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