Another Simple VAST Satellite TV Reception Issue Solved…..

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Yet another simple VAST Satellite TV reception issue solved yesterday. I was called to a customers house where they had been experiencing worse and worse break up and drop our of their VAST Satellite service.

Before I got out the car I could see the problem. Trees.

There was a tree in front of the VAST Satellite dish. Anything blocking the view of the satellite dish will interrupt the very weak signals making their way from around fifteen thousand kilometers away in space.
tree block

Over time the tree had grown to a point where it pretty much blocked all signals from the VAST service.
Lucky for these clients that the tree was on their property and it wasn’t an issue to trim.
Sometimes people are not so lucky and need negotiate with a neighbour.

So…. check yours out before you call for service……it could just save you a hundred dollars or so.

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