David Levine of iwire started business in the Northern Rivers in 2000. David has been in the electrical industry for 30 years and has a broad knowledge in the electrical industry. Today David main business focus is on helping clients obtain the best digital TV reception they can.

David provides a quality television tv antenna repair service  and installation service that stretches from Ballina in the South through Byron Bay and on to Tweed Heads in the North with most all areas of the Northern rivers in between.

With the introduction of Digital TV to the Northern Rivers of NSW people have been finding that they are unable to get decent Digital TV reception.  To help people in these ‘black spot’ Tv Reception areas, there is now a satellite service called VAST. This is a free service available to those who qualify.  David is an installer of VAST and can install this for you.

Iwire can also help with FM radio reception as well as help setting up home cinema and surround sound installations.  Also popular to day is linking your new TV to the net.  When connected tot he net your equipment can have its software updated automatically, you can watch content that the manufacturers will give you free and also sometimes surf the net or watch YouTube.

David Levine of iwire can help you with;

  • TV antennas
  • FM radio Antennas
  • TV reception problems
  • VAST free to air Satellite
  • Computer networking at home
  • Home cinema set up
  • TV, DVD, Video, Pay TV set up tuning and configuration’
  • Digital TV
  • Home Audio distribution systems
  • Phone sockets for broadband connections
  • Extra phone sockets
  • Extra TV sockets

My qualifications;

  • Licensed electrical contractor 96251C (NSW)
  • Licensed communications installer A000276